Frequently Asked Questions


My Customer hasn't received the Payment Request I sent. What should I do? Check these first...
  • Go to the dashboard and check the customers email address you entered for the request for spelling mistakes
  • Ask the customer to check their 'Spam Folder' incase their provider has popped it in there.

What is the advantage to using this when my business already uses paypal?

  • TradeTill is far easier to use, much more flexible and has more facilities - designed and built for ease of use
  • Customers sees your branding, logo and colours - not Paypals - on payment requests & your online cash register
  • Provides a stand alone 'cash register' so you don't need a website - or to make any changes if you have one
  • Supports subscriptions via email payment requests, payment links (for social media) or buttons (for your website)
  • Use it from your mobile, on the go - or from your iPad, laptop or PC.
  • The Dashboard tracks and records payment requests sent - what is outstanding, what has been paid.
  • Supports discount offers and promo codes (easy to do, without programming or tech skills)
  • Supports ticket sales for events including 'earlybird' tickets 
  • Supports 'snap&pay' QR codes, which can be altered without having to reprint the QR code. (Great for Shows and for Market Traders)
We are paypal users too, but found Paypal doesn't offer the things you need to run most businesses (without programming skills or having to get a techie involved). Some essential features were missing and others may as well be as they take too long or are too complex to use for the non-techie. So we created TradeTill to actually make it useful.

I can guarantee that once you've used a buzzsaw you wont want to go back to using a handsaw. Same applied to TradeTill and Paypal. 

Can I sell tickets using TradeTill?

Yes. Easily set up 'Book Now' buttons for your website and/or we provide a payment link (also as a QR code) to promote your event details via social media or email.

I am not a tradesperson, will TradeTill work for other types of business (B&Bs, Retailers etc)?

If you are trading and need to take card payments from customers, then yes. Many of our customers find the cost involved in setting up card processing facilities far too prohibitive, not to mention fees or penalties for not using the facilities regularly. You can start with a PAYG account and upgrade when transaction levels require you to do so.

What About The Card Processing Fees?

We work only with the most reputable and secure payment providers and these are just the usual fees levied or between 3 - 4% (or less for higher volumes or larger transaction).

To be precise payment the providers apply a processing charge of 20p plus 1.4% to 3.4% (depending on volume). Details are available here. Pass on the cost, build it in or fund it from the savings you make
The most usual approach to funding the transaction charge are
  • Customers are now accustomed to paying a small surcharge of say 4% for the flexibility of card payments.
  • Some businesses raise their prices to include the additional costs and may offer a compensating discount for cash.
  • Savings made - including debt chasing and banking runs / charges etc - more than compensate for the cost for many organisations.

What about other currencies?

You can accept payments in British Pounds, Dollars, Euros or a wide range of other currencies.

Can I start TradeTill from the home screen of my Smartphone?

Yes - you can add the TradeTill icon to your Smartphone home screen making it really easy to launch quickly. The setup is slightly different for each mobile OS and may slightly differ between versions of the same operating system.

- Visit (this should load the mobile site, if not go to
- Click '+' icon on bottom menu
- Select 'Add to Home Screen'
An icon will be added to the home screen for quick access to TradeTill mobile

- Visit (this should load the mobile site, if not go to
- Click the 'Menu' button
- Select 'Add Bookmark' and save
- On home screen click '+' button
- Select 'Shortcut' then 'Bookmark' and choose the TradeTill bookmark
An icon will be added to the home screen for quick access to TradeTill mobile

Is there a TradeTill app for my Smartphone?

See above for how to add a TradeTill app icon to your Smartphone.

What About Security?

Our service works only with the most reputable and secure payment providers ie Paypal. We never handle your money or bank details. You never handle customers credit cards or their details. All transactions are handled via tried and trusted channels established over several years.

The Security is also regularly checked and our team includes Barry E James a technology and security expert of thirty years standing including ten years with major clearing banks (HSBC/Midland Bank and Girobank) and who has advised the UK Information Commissioner's Office on Security in the SME sector and is co-author of a report published in 2010 on this subject.

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