TradeTill For Individual Tradespeople

Taking payments for services has just changed – and become a whole lot easier for everyone. TradeTill makes taking payments for your services quick, simple and hassle-free.

Use your PC, Smartphone or Tablet computer to request instant payments from your customers. Get paid before you leave their home or business. You have no need to handle customer card details so they feel secure and you don’t have the hassle of asking for cards and inputting the details.

All you have to do is input the amount that your customer owes, enter their email address and within a few minutes you could have the money in your account.

You look professional, efficient and your customer is protected from revealing their card details to you. With guaranteed acceptance, no need for a merchant account or card reader from your bank, and a very low cost per transaction, you really do need TradeTill in your tool box

Very cost effective debt recovery and invoicing system

TradeTill is very cost effective and we offer simple, evergreen contracts. That means that you are not tied into a contract and can leave us at anytime should you not want to request payments any longer. Our subscription options are built around you and to use all of the benefits of TradeTill cost from only *23p per transaction.

That means that you can control your costs each month. There are no up front costs, no rental fees for equipment and no changing costs mid way through the year.

*plus nominal Paypal fees
Anyone who invoices customers can use TradeTill to request instant payment

If you need to request payment from your customers, TradeTill is for you. It is especially good when you undertake a one-off job for a client who does not have an account with you. You can ensure payment before you leave site. Great for domestic customers, perfect for business clients.

Used by plumbers, electricians, gardeners, decorators, plasterers, hairdressers, builders, auto-mechanics, air conditioning engineers...
Use your own mobile phone or PC -  No need for additional hardware

Unlike other payment systems you only have to use your existing PC or Smartphone with our free app (available soon).  TradeTill turns your mobile phone into a simple but very effective cash register giving you the money owed to you,  instantly into your bank account.
No more chasing payments

TradeTill helps to eliminate bad debt. You no longer need to wait days or weeks for payment as your payment request is instantly received by your customer. You decide how long you will give them to pay, but many of our customers expect payment before leaving the job.  You don’t have to wait for cheques to clear as your customer can pay by credit or debit card instantly.  
Get Paid Today – and before you leave every other job

You can sign up today and be requesting payment from your customers within minutes. Instant payment system means that as soon as you download the app, link to a Paypal account, you can take money from your customers instantly. Use it to request deposits or full payment from customers before you leave the job. No problem, no hassle.
Guaranteed Acceptance

Many of our customers have signed up for TradeTill as the process of signing up for bank merchant accounts and credit card machines is complex and time absorbing. This is without the additional cost of obtaining the card machines and ongoing rental costs. There is no hard and fast rule, but NatWest and others quoted a
rough figure of three per cent per transaction plus the rental of the swipe machine - £15 - £25 per month - and a one-off set-up fee of £100-£150. If you are going to use the credit card facility to take cards over the phone,
internet or by fax then when you apply for merchant status you need to make it clear you want 'customer not present' transactions. This process can be very complex for some businesses. Not so with TradeTill. Everyone is guaranteed to be accepted.
Easily manage discounts for early payment, annual subscriptions

By pressing one or two buttons, you can programme a discount for your customer if they pay you early. This is a great way of getting money into your bank quicker. Plus if you sell something with an annual renewal, such as an insurance product or a licence fee it is simplicity itself, only two clicks, to set it up so that TradeTill
automatically requests the payments for you, with the frequency that you specify; and if a payment is not made, you are automatically advised. Simple.
Never handle customer card details

In today’s climate you need to protect yourself and your customer as much as you possibly can. With TradeTill your customer never shares their card details with you. They feel safe dealing with a secure site and you are protected from potential accusations of abuse of card detail information.
Collect email addresses for future marketing activity

Marketing your business effectively has never been more important in a competitive world. TradeTill offers you another benefit too. As part of the process the system collects all of your customer email addresses and these can be used for ongoing marketing and communications. You can send them special offers, communicate with them regularly or refer and recommend people to them.
Quick and simple, two button press to request money

You don’t need to understand Paypal or online systems to get started with TradeTill. Once you have downloaded our application it really is very simple to programme. With one or two clicks most people are up and running and able to request payments instantly.

If you don’t have Paypal, all you need to do is sign up for the basic account and use your email address. You will use this to connect to your TradeTill account. If you need help to do this, just ask. We are here to help and to make this as simple as possible for you.