What People Are Saying...


Thanks to your assistance and your after sales service we are using Trade Till ahead of every other method for payments.
 (via twitter)

David & Jan Walker,  Tawelfa Guest House, Barmouth 

Thanks for that, finding the tradetill an excellent tool. 
Gwyn Roberts,  Bala, Gwynedd 

Have cancelled my Streamline card system. TradeTill is cheaper, quicker and simple and my engineers don't have to handle customer credit cards. Can only highly recommend.
Andrew Davis, Strathclyde 

The online team at TradeTill set up my account for me in minutes and I got paid before I left my customer's house. My brother has signed up too. Anyone who is in the Trades should know about this.
Martin Colman, Daventry 

This has made managing the sales for my six engineers so easy. All the paperwork is sorted instantly, the client is happy as we don't see their credit card and we don't need to make phone calls to demand payments. This really is the future of mobile payments for the Trades.
Maxine Fennis, Clwyd